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he's like a popular kid in class where you have to give them a valentine whether you like them or not. next to marco rubio you got you my used camel back. this time when you're giving a speech you don't have to lung for water. just turn your head and sip. look, i'm doing it right now. that was distracting at all. next up to john boehner. happy valentine's day. i got you cold medicine. take this before the next state of the union degrees so i don't have to see you blow your nose into a finger. then blow your nose into the handkerchief. and then look at your boogers. that's disgusting. and then to our host michael shure happy valentine's day.
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i got you an enumerated list of everything that governor granholm used to buy me every day so you know know what things are like around here, continuity and everything. use non-wax saler sealer on my car. >> michael: what things were like brett. we will back. we'll see you tuesday night. >> welcome to "the young turks." we've got a wild show for you today. i think we're going to have some fun. we've got hagel on lockdown, the republicans filibustering chuck hagel. >> i'm going to hit you and keep
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hitting you absolutely. you're fought going to get away without answering basic questions. >> like how much do you love israel, do you love it as much as i do. i'm in a republican primary in south carolina, that's why i keep hitting you. i know, i though. they're saying this is not techy a filibuster. really? >> we've got a conservative journalist in favor of of fracking on the show he tonight. >> these people are campaigning against fracking for natural gas. i'm a journalist and wanted to find out if they were telling the truth. what could possibly go wrong? excuse me, excuse me. >> do you think it's appropriate? >> we're watching him up against the the sierra club. come on. top of the morning to you. then bill ny the science guy talking about whether an asteroid is going to wipe us out. >> bill nye the science guy.
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>> the end of the earth? how's that for fun? don't worry we're not all going to die but, it is, what is that is this go time! ♪ theme ♪ cenk: welcome to "the young turks." a little while back, they had a deal on whether they were going to kill fill buster or not or at least reform it. harry reid said i made a deal with mcconnell it's going to be ok. the republicans aren't going to filibuster. dick durbin said at the time: cenk: positive environment, the republicans aren't going to filibuster anymore. they got a deal, so we didn't
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have to take it away. what happened today when senator hagel, a republican up for secretary of defense? the republicans filibustered. >> on this vote, the aye58 the nays 40, one senator announced present. 50% of the senators not having voted in the affirmative, the motion is not agreed to. cenk: even though 58 senators say yes let's end the debate and confirm him nope, not going to end the debate, because the republicans filibustering. now harry reid is shocked to find out that the republicans were not true to their word! >> the republicans have made an unfortunate choice to up the level here in washington. just when you thought things couldn't get worse, it gets worse. we need this vote today. why? times like this, it's nice to
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have a secretary of defense. cenk: man, harry reid, oh, you're killing 'em you're killing 'em take it easy, brother. this is the guy who gave it away earlier, allowing them to filibuster in the first place. >> this is not any attempt to kill this nomination. this is not a filibuster. cenk: i got news for you, that's exactly what it is. it's literally a filibuster. ok. so, all right that's exactly what it is. now, there's one guy who loves grandstanding on this issue licensedry gram. he did it during the hearings and now here he is again. >> know that the debate on chuck hagel is not over. it has not been serious. we don't have the information we need and i am going to fight the idea of jamming somebody through. >> i'm going to hit you and keep
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hitting you. you're not going to get away with not answering the basic questions. cenk: well it's funny that he said the debate is not serious because he's the one that made it unserious. in fact, "saturday night live" had a whole ask it devoted to his questions about how much he loves israel and how hagel doesn't love it enough. hagel is drinking the water and the guy being mocked is lindsey graham. >> you said, i quote the united states will always have an extremely close relationship with the state of israel. that's not to say that in every single instance, our interests and those of israel will be identical. now, i look you senator. i do. your a good man but when i read that statement i thought to myself, is this a typo? are my eyes deceiving me? does he really think that our interests and those of israel could ever be different? cenk: all right these guys are
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hilarious. all right we're going to bring in somebody who was there reporter for tribune l.a. times washington bureau reporter, michael memole. why do the republicans claim this is not a fill buster. >> they were at pains today to say that they're being the reasonable ones, that this is not a fill buster. if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a filibuster. as they said, this is only the third time a cabinet nominee has ever been filibustered, but first time that faced a vote and failed. this is the first time after the so-called filibuster reforms. what the republicans are saying is that they're trying to sound reasonable, this is just a standard delay. we don't want this vote to be rushed. we just had this nomination reported out of the senate armed services committee tuesday just
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two days. give us 10 days, give us the entire recess coming up and when we come back, you know, all the questions that we have that are outstanding, they'll potentially be answered. the other senators are not on the armed services committee. they'll have time to digest hagel's resume, the piece of disclosure that they're looking for. senator gram and senator mccain voted no today for closure but they promised barring some short of bombshell announcement, teal continue on the 20ation after the break. if you're the white house you're probably understandably nervous, because their argument has been that republicans are trying to needlessly string this out in the hopes of coming up with what lindsey graham says he doesn't have, a bombshell we're facing a situation where leon panetta who flew to california today, he thought advertise tenure was over and might ever to fly to brussels next week to attended this defense minister's
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meeting on the very serious subject of afghanistan because the president can't get his pick confirmed. cenk: they say it's not a fill buster. if that's the case, you only need 50 votes to confirm him so let's call him confirmed. i know it was a vote on closing the debate, but it's absurd, because it's quite literally what it is you. made a really interesting point. first time that it's a successful fill buster of a cabinet nominee in history of the united states of america so let's talk about the real reasons the republicans are doing this. i mean come on. i mean, how many cases have there been that people get confirmed within two days, a million, right? what are they trying to do here? as you pointed out, is it to try to find some sort of secret bombshell, there's this goofy thing about how he had gotten support from friends of hamas and it turns out there is no such group. what are they waiting for no what do they think they're going to get. >> that's a very good question. the senator republicans had a
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closed door session today. when members started coming out we would ask them sort of the standard questions, are you going to vote yes or no on culture and where do things stand in the room. the standard response from most of these senators, i still have questions, there are still things that some of my colleagues are looking for some elements of disclosure on his finances, speech they say say are just coming to light which they may be able to look at how to. in some cases you would ask what are those questions. in one case, a senator couldn't quite think of what he was waiting for. really, this was an effort the republican leadership told senator harry reid's office last night that we're withholding the vote you need to invoke, because we're in tent on pushing this until after the recess. it's really sort of a strange situation. you have senator lindsey graham, first he said i won't allow you a vote until leon panetta testifies about what happened in benghazi. panetta testified. then it was we want to hear from
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secretary clinton. senator clinton did testify. then it was a request put out to the white house tuesday asking for specific information about where the president was and was doing on september 11, 2012 after the raid in benghazi. now, the white house pointed out that all this information is public record, that as this was happening in realtime, we were learning about secretary clinton at the secretary's request was speaking to labor yes. the following day the president himself called the president of libya. senators were still insisting that the white house put to them in writing this very same question. they got that this morning. they said their concerns are satisfied. as we know, there are other senators looking for more information. cenk: one last thing here. look, you know first of all hagel has nothing to do with benghazi. he wasn't in the government. it's abstored begin with on that note. again, i look for what's their real motivation, now, one thing
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which is what they say then there's a second thing, what they're waiting for some sort of problem for hagel. why do they not like hagel in the first place. is there main complaint we are not sure this guy is going to push the button and go to war with iran? is that the issue. >> senator mccain did an interview with fox news channel after the vote and pointed out that senator hagel in 2008, when barack obama was facing him in the nomination gave him cover in a sense, that he was out on this foreign trip with him sort of passively supporting his candidacy. mccain didn't go so far as to say this, but he pointed out thatten obsign iraq and that campaign, that he wasn't on our side. the other point is senator graham was right quite frank on this, we know hagel has nothing to do with benghazi, but this is the
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only leverage we have, this is the way the game is played. we're trying to leverage this situation to get more questions acknowledged about benghazi from the white house as the white house pointed out they already answered. cenk: lindsey graham is grandstanding because he that a primary coming up in south carolina and wants to seem tough on the president. >> senator reid made that point is this really where we're at that you need that sort of badge on your resume to fend off a tea party challenge. i raised that quote to senator graham. he said if this was a nominee from a republican president, he would be doing exactly the same thing. he said i was part of that gang of 14 on previous nomination battles and he said that, you know, this is -- i'm actually thinking this is a reasonable position just to have the 10 day delay, but we can't rush this thing. cenk: by the way we know for a fact reid wouldn't have done the same thing because no one has ever done a successful fill buster of a nominee ever before
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in history. michael, great reporting from the capitol, we really appreciate it. >> all right thanks. cenk: all right. so when we come back, an asteroid might hit the earth and we might all die. >> it's the size of texas. [ crashing ] >> it's not quite armageddon, but it is massive brightening and getting closer by the hour. guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines. real, gripping, current. documentaries... on current tv. >> welcome back to "the young turks." df14 is an asteroid weighing 130,000 metric tons, and it's headed in our direction. watch out! >> it's the size of texas. >> pie god! >> it's not quite armageddon, but it is massive frightening and getting closer by the hour. it's named d.a.14 and weighed 130,000 metric tons, more than a cruise ship. if that doesn't impress you it's half the side of a football field and whizzing through space eight times faster than a bullet fired from a gun.
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this animation made by scientists tracking it shows it will come within 17,000 miles of the earth tomorrow, an astro momically close shave worthy of star wars. cenk: so, which organization discovered this asteroid and how scary it is? it's the organization of this guy. ♪ ♪ >> how are you doing? >> there's no place a man would rather be? than rebel headquarters, you got that right, my friend. also c.e.o. of the planetary society. bill are we all going to die? >> no. well yes as far as anybody knows, we're all going to die. it's troubling but that seems to be the case. with that said, an asteroid like this could kill a lot of people.
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this one flew as 45 meters what did you say 130 tons. cenk: 130,000 metric tons. >> this one is one of many, many about 100,000 objects like this. we track about 1% of they will. there's 99% more out there. did you ever hear of the tunduska event. cenk: 1908, siberia. tell me more. a lot of people don't know about it. >> this rock comes into the earth's atmosphere, blows down trees, 2,000 square kill meters, bang blows them all down like that, in a flash. did you ever hear this expression, don't jump off the golden gate bridge, when you hit the water, it will kill you just like concrete. when you're an asteroid going
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25,000 kill low meters an hour, 15 per second, you hit the earth's atmosphere, it stops you dead, and you exemployed if you're an asteroid, and blow down everything, but the shock wave. this thing was about 20 hiroshimas. people would look at as strayeds different had it hit a populated area. cenk: like paris. it would have been one of the greatest events in human history. >> it would of been like pompeii, the whole town buried by a volcano. it would be a catastrophe. we are the first generation of humans that can do something about it. how cool is that? cenk: that is seriously cool. how would we do something about
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it? lasers? >> we at the planetary society we fund these kookie projects, 30,000 people around the world think it's cool, please join us,, a little plug. what we would do, one of our other projects at the planetary site, what we would do is maybe send out a flotilla of spacecraft. cenk: no! >> with solar panels, soak up the sunlight, make laser beams. [ buzzing ] >> and cause the surface of the asteroid to evaporate. it's kind of a cool thing we are messing with. cenk: excuse me pie sophisticated question. really? we don't have that capability now, do we? >> well, in a sense we do. in other words, if people went
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to the moon in 10 years, we could certainly do this kind of thing in 10 years, but the trick, the big idea to get, when you go to deflect an asteroid, if you ever decide to go in this business. >> yeah, of course. >> all you want to do is change its speed ever so slightly. this asteroid, 2012d.a.14 is missing us by about 15 minutes. 15 minutes, and paris tokyo new york, los angeles would be oklahoma city. >> let me stop you there. i want to know what you mean by 15 minutes if it was what, 15 minutes quicker slower. >> if it had gotten here 15 minutes earlier it would have hit us. cenk: because everything's moving in space because everybody thinks of like the earth is right here. >> the earth is orbiting the sun, this thing is orbiting the
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sun out of the plane of the earth's orbit by a little bit. tomorrow friday, happy valentine's day, by the way. cenk: you too. >> this asteroid will come up from the south pass indonesia. the earth will turn and the gulf stone observatory will point at it. 15 minutes earlier and it would hit us. cenk: that's amazing. >> there's this oh 1% of these objects that we know about and these are city killers. there are other bigger objects that are how to say civillation killers. cenk: in a sense they're almost like loose nooks. here we're scared to death of loose nooks but these are loose nooks times 20. >> a cosmic shooting gallery.
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cenk: how do we find out about the other 99% funding? >> funding would be great. the planetary society has gotten people that are in a niche they've gotten really good as looking for these so-called fast moving objects. the trouble with these things is, they're not very big and they're dark as charcoal and they're zipping they're going really fast. to find them is quite difficult. >> we are working with the foundation, we hope to partner with them. they're trying to build a spacecraft that would look on you from about the orbit of venus, 70% of the distance from the sun to here, and they would be tuned to look for the in from infrared. they look reflective.
4:25 pm
cenk: you are talking about civillation. it's alarming enough, go ahead it not just destroy the entire planet? >> oh, yeah, welcome to my world, and these things hit every -- one goes by about every 40 years estimated but one hits three times that, 120 1200. cenk: we had a huge one hit in 1908 about 120 years. >> there was one over the amazon. there's nobody around. the documentation is pretty good. in this instance, these things disintegrate in midair, but that's only when they're this, if i can use the term, small. as big as this building. >> the last few times we got lucky, because the middle of the siberia and jungle in amazon, the third time, are we going to get lucky again. >> the ancient dinosaurs did
4:26 pm
nothing about this problem. >> you know, i've always had a beef with the dinosaurs, and that's it? >> i've never had dinosaur. it tastes like chicken. the thing of it is, that rock understands the dinosaur or the cluster of rocks or the commentary, the comet like material, whatever it was, hit the earth shot stuff halfway to the moon. the explosion the ejecta, the stuff tossed, ejected the time at her was bigger than the diameter of the earth, so the stuff by gavety got pulled around by earth and set the whole place on fire. this is a serious thing right? people say why doesn't nasa do something about it, and there are cool old political reasons. first of all, it wasn't part of nasa's charter it wasn't human space flight or science it's just cataloging objects that are scientifically understood, blah
4:27 pm
blah blah blah. we work hard to raise awareness of this, and so oh, we are maybe getting there. cenk: how much money do you think is needed to catalog it? >> it's a great question. there's two things we do wrong as c.e.o. of a non-profit. we don't ask for money and then we don't ask for enough. cenk: so fix it right now. don't be like a down sore, fix it. >> we can approach the problem in two ways, first to get the sentinel spacecraft flying, that's about $450 million. then between now and when that could possibly happen, it's about that much money and then after that, to go deflect one it's about that much money. cenk: we're talking about a billion. >> 1.5 billion. it's what the curious city rover
4:28 pm
cost. we might find something on mars that might dare i say it, change the world. cenk: bush said let's go drill on mars, it's because hall halle halliburton was ready to drill. cenk: they want platinum. >> i'm not kitting it could be another convergence of commercial interest and exploration, and citizenry worldwide working together to save the world. cenk: all right. sounds great. bill nye the science guy. we appreciate it. when we come back, we'll ever a conservative journalist on fracking. he said it's awesome. i'm putting words in his mouth. he's going to tell you right now, he's in the studio.
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very interesting conversation, when we come back. irene, drop the itch. we dropped the itch, you can too. maximum strength scalpicin® is not a shampoo so you can stop intense itch fast,
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wherever you are. i dropped the itch. drop the itch with scalpicin®.
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cenk: all right, we're back on "the young turks." everybody remember this had famous scene a documentary about fracking where the sink catches on fire. look. >> what took mother nature millions of years to build can be destroyed in a few hours with a piece of heavy machinery. >> what it's doing is searching for a problem that does not exist. >> whoa. cenk: well, you know what? there's someone who is -- what i describe as a conservative journalist, we'll describe him in a second, he decided that was bogus. he made a movie called frack nation that counters a lot of
4:33 pm
what's in there. >> these people are campaigns against fracking for natural gas. i wanted to find out if they were telling the truth. what could possibly go wrong? >> excuse me. >> excuse me. >> you think it's appropriate. >> ok, that's it. >> you need to get out of here. >> i'm sick and tired of this. >> i am armed. >> you are armed? >> all right fascinating movie. well, the director's right here. phil, thank you for joining us. so talk to me about frack nation. do you think that are you trying to prove in this movie that fracking is awesome and we should all just calm down? >> no, i'm trying to put it under a journalistic light. i wanted to see where the science was and jumblism was. there's people lighting their taps on fire and saying there's weapons grade uranium in my
4:34 pm
water. what's the truth behind the pictures? the lighting the tap wore, people have been lighting their tap water in america for hundreds of thousands of years. cenk: i did it the other day it's fun. you're saying it's methane. >> indians called them burning springs, because the springs burned. cenk: i see. you seem to have a bone to pitch with john fox who directed gas land. >> meet josh fox. in his documentary gas land, he told america that fracking for natural gas milwaukee your water flammable, but this is not true. americans have had gas in their water forever. >> kids used to run to school to turn on taps to light the water in the morning before horizontal drilling was dreamed of. >> my grandfather drilled a well in 1945. the day i drilled the well, there was methane.
4:35 pm
cenk: have you ever arm wrestled john fox. is there a way to settle this? >> i've asked him for interviews and had doors slammed in my face. i've had cops called. i've had he hung up on me. he has to answer some very serious questions. there are people saying we could light our tap water decades before it started. josh fox knew that. he told me in a q. and a., i knew about it, but chose not to include it in gas land because it wasn't relevant. cenk: does every journalist have to wear a hot like that, or only you and josh. >> if only i was half as successful. cenk: the only issue isn't whether the water lights on fire or not. the chief of staff at the sierra club is going to help us understand the big picture. jesse, what are other issues about fracking that you'd like
4:36 pm
film to address? >> so here's the thing. natural gas is another dirty dangerous fossil fuel. that's the thing we all have to understand. we don't need it. we don't want it, and we can't afford it. that's the starting place here. we're the sierra club and we have communities from all over the country coming to us and saying our community is being poisoned by fracking. our kids are being made sick by fracking. our land prices are being impacted by fracking, our ranches and our farms. this is not something that is safe. if it was safe, why are the natural gas lobbyists spending so much money to ask for exemptions from the state drinking water act? why are they spending so much money fighting to disclose the chemicals that are inside those frack wells. cenk: let me stop you there for a second, because those are a
4:37 pm
lot of good questions there and i'm curious to your answerses to them. >> because a community says their water's poisoned doesn't mean it's true. in pennsylvania, everyone said their water was poisoned. 11 families had said their water was poisoned. cenk: it's one example. >> i can give you another. cenk: go ahead jesse. >> i can give you another example. in wyoming pavilion, the e.p.a., because of citizen complaints came in and studied the water and found that in deed, it was being contaminated by fracking. they found methane etha in my e. they found diesel. this is poison, and it's in the water. cenk: so let me back that up:?
4:38 pm
so it has happened in places. >> they've now withdrawn that claim and are going back for further examination. >> they have pulled back on that. the science is not settled on pavilion wyoming. the science is settled every else. cenk: here's my problem. on climate change, to. when you say the science is not settled, that's a big red flag that it is settled and you guys lost it. ok? 97% of the world scientists say yes, it fists and it's man made, oh, it's not settled. >> lisa jackson went to congress
4:39 pm
twice and said the e.p.a. does not know of any instance where the ground water has been affected. there are a lot of claims and lucrative lawsuits out there a lot of people looking to make money off of oil and gas saying the water is contaminated. no evidence yet. i think perhaps in this case, and i recognize that i use that phrase, the science is settled. cenk: let me ask you that one more time. >> the science is settled, it is happening out there. wells are being poll looted by methane, water is being contaminated. the spills from the trucks that they're taking the water away from the frack silent are definitely spilling. you've got water being dumped into rivers at the end of the process through the sewage systems. the science is settled that this is extremely dangerous and while
4:40 pm
dangerous, we must not do it. if it wasn't so dangerous i come back to why won't gas companies tell us what's in the -- why did they spend so much money fighting disclosure, why did they spend so much money getting exemptions prom the state water drinking act. cenk: that's a great question, the same question i had. >> they do tell what you is in the fracking fluid. it's like coca-cola they own tell you because it's afraid secret. cenk: they don't tell you. >> they don't tell you the portions like coca-cola. >> they won't tell you what's in it either, cenk. cenk: i've read article after article saying they will not disclose what's in it. >> sometimes the media gets things wrong. it's not true. you can research that. they do tell you what's in there, they just won't tell you the portions. cenk: in my reading of the articles and i've read a lot on
4:41 pm
that particular issue that is not the case. they don't tell you. and often tiles our government protects them and they exempt them from regulations, which then makes me think. you are not going to convince me telling me barack obama voted for it. he is no progressive. i've got to leave it there. thank you so much, guys. >> happy valentine's day. cenk: you too. >> rocky anderson ran for approximate the. he didn't win and he's going to tell us why not when we come back.
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cenk: rocky anderson was one of the most progressive politicians in the country the mayor of salt lake city, nonetheless still impressive. he decided to run for president in 2012. he was the head of the justice party. he did not make it. he is with us here, did make it back to "the young turks." great to have you back with us. let me start with that first question, what went wrong why didn't you win? >> i don't think anyone went wrong. gentlemen intend to win. cenk: maybe that was the problem. >> we did everything we could to get out the word, help race
4:46 pm
consciousness. the point is not that the electoral system is going to solve this countries problems, because if that's what we're waiting for, it's not going to happen. the gilded age is going to get more and more gilded. we are going to be violating civil rights to an extent never before seen in this country without a popular movement, and that's what this campaign was all about. cenk: i know, let me talk to you about that. when we had you on "the young turks" before the election a couple of times you hoped with the arab spring, the social media, why didn't it catch fire. >> i still have the same hope. it's all part and parcel of the same thing building a popular movement. if we had a sustained movement like with the arab spring, with the civil rights movement, the labor movement, the women's
4:47 pm
suffrage movement, if people would get away from their television sets for a wail. cenk: how dare you. >> they'll be informed, but then get out and take action, otherwise and mobilize. like joe hill said before he was executed, the great labor organizer, don't mourn organize. the point is, we all have to be engaged citizens. we need -- if we're upset about the destruction of our constitutional republic where we have a president and a congress who seem to think it's ok to add u.s. citizens to assassination lists, and take not only them out, but their 16-year-old sons who are also u.s. citizens, if they think that it's ok that we send drones over, you know, president obama ther night in the state of the union got this
4:48 pm
great applause for saying we're finally bringing our troops back home. he didn't say anything about the fact that we're continuing the drone war program, the killings of thousands of people, many of the vast majority of them innocent civilians men women and children creating so much more hatred toward the united states. cenk: i think you're absolutely right about that. we talk about it on "the young turks" all the time. the problem is in my experience, people don't actually take to the streets unless it concerns them. when you talk about the drone program, it rates anywhere between 83% to 55% depending on how you ask the question, but it's very popular. why? because they're not the ones getting droned. in vietnam there were huge protester because people were going to go to vietnam and die. they didn't want to do that. the labor movement affected how people feed their family. the civil rights movement affected african-americans and
4:49 pm
people in the country. what's it going to take for action in this country? >> first of all, the drone program will affect every one of us and generations to come, because we are generating so much more hatred and hostility toward the united states. let's look at another thing that president obama talked about the other night. he's talking about raising the minimum wage to $9 an hour by the year 2000 fennel, when five years ago, he promised that he would push for an increase in the minimum wage to nine and a half dollars by two years ago. so what's happened? we've seen since 1968, a decrease by 30%, 30 million people making about 50% less now when adjusted for inflation when c.e.o. compensation averages more than 900% more.
4:50 pm
that impacts every single one of us. when the minimum wage was raised we'd have $30 billion more a year in consumer spending creating more jobs, a more thriving middle class like we saw in this country for 35 years. cenk: you're right on the policies. if we continued minimum wage, kept up with inflation it would be $10.55 and in you we have a president bragging for asking for $9. write right now, to that point though, do you think the president just thinks i can't get anything done, i have to keep lowering my expectations and that's the problem with the president or do you think he's in on it and doesn't want the minimum wage to be that much higher. >> he's in on it. we know he is part of the
4:51 pm
corporate plerocrcy. hasn't prosecuted any of them that hurt so many millions of americans, millions of people around the world from the meltdown, because of that gross criminality. wouldn't it have been great the other night to hear the president of the united states advocating for our interests and saying that we're going to break up the banks that are considered too big to fail? he won't take them on. he won't stand up for our interests. cenk: that's a fact. >> we as americans demand that our government serve our interests rather than having a government that's up for sale to the highest bidder. cenk: if you like president obama, you can argue a lot of things, but you can't argue that he was tough on the banks. he let every one of the executives off there's no question about that. stick around. i want to ask you how you can
4:52 pm
fight the republican and democratic party at the same time and win when we come back.
4:53 pm
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cenk: we're back on "the young turks" talking to rocky anderson, ran for president in 2012, mayor of salt lake city, utah. we were talking about electoral politics. you're fighting the republican and democratic party at the same time. tell me specifically what's the pathway to victory what happens next so that we can actually win on issues that progressives care are about and the great majority of americans care about. >> you know, when teddy roosevelt ran as a progressive candidate, third party candidate, almost everything he campaigned on ended up being implemented as public policy. i call that a win. ross perot was talking about deficits and need for balanced budget and brought those issues
4:56 pm
to the attention of the american people when neither of the major political parties were talking about it, and he won in very large part in essence. that's what this really is all about. cenk: you're saying public pressure, but how, social media people in the streets labor strikes? how do you do it? >> it's all of it. you asked about drone strikes what will make the people care? images on our media will make people care. when they just hear these figures, there's a psychic numbing that goes on that is so abstract to them. that if they saw images of what we're doing around the world and so how do we bring the pressure to bear? absolutely take to the streets. martin luther king jr. was told by in the johnson forget about the voting rights act this country isn't ready for it. king went back to selma people came together, the whole country rose up together, it wasn't a majority of the people, but
4:57 pm
enough, people made it clear they weren't going to go away and within months, the voting rights act was passed. we can do it as engaged americans, but it's not through complacency and 166 it's organizing and mobilizing and all of us coming together. it doesn't have to be under a partisan political party. cenk: rocky, i got to ask you one last question here. that's on the issue of gun control. everybody praised the president for strong words he during the state of the union. you don't agree with that why? >> what did he call for? he took on this sort of preacher persona, and then he played one of the great rhetorical trickion of all time. he never advocated for any particular solution. he kept saying they deserve a vote. they deserve a vote, kept repeating that. he talked about process. he didn't make the case for the kinds of legislative changes
4:58 pm
that we need in this country and that's just a reflection of how first of all sly he can be but ungrievably timid he is and the lack of leadership we've seen from this president. it was very disappointing. cenk: you can't argue. he did say he wants a vote. he didn't even say he wants to win a vote. it's at least very low expectations. fighting the good fight thanks for joining us. we'll be back with one final point.
4:59 pm

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